Ten different kinds of people you'll meet during night class in FUTA

1. The couple that came to do PDA

These ones just came to kiss and cuddle all night. Everybody hates them. They always sit together, frolicking.

2. The squad that came for get-together

These ones just come to do group meeting at night class.They're always gisting. None of them comes with a book to read.

3. The f@ckboy that came to toast 100 level girls

You'll see him sitting next to different 100 level girls all night He probably has an extra year. All his toasting never works out except for girls who have the same motive.

4. The fashionistas

These ones are always decked up in their latest baffs. All the f@ckboys want to talk to them. They leave once their makeup wears off.

5. The ones that came to sleep.

These ones bring all their university books to night class. They always fall asleep 10 minutes after they arrive. They're the first to go back to the hostel.

6. The ones that came to charge their phones and rechargeable lamps.

These ones often stay off campus so they never have light. They're either watching movies or playing video games or downloading series movies.

7. The efiko

Everybody wants them to teach them the entire syllabus They never read overnight but still get all the As.

8. The noisemaker

Trolls and distracts everybody all night. They crack the driest jokes. They study secretly when everybody else has gone to sleep.

9. The oversabi with strong face that won't talk to anybody

You can't even ask to borrow their pen. They read and memorise all through night class. Lowkey olodo

10. The ones that came to borrow notes

These ones didn't attend any classes all semester They'll ask to borrow your notes a day before exams

Which one are you?