12 Things most Futarians actually do at Night Class Instead of actually reading

1. Gist

Perfect time to catch up on juicy gossip.

2. Sleep

Looool! Why did you even leave your room then?

3. Talk on the phone

4. Eat

5. Play Fifa/PES

6. Watch movies

7. Listen to music and sing along to it loudly

8. Take selfies

9. Set P

After all, night is the perfect time to become your true self. (An ashewo)

10. Quietly stalk your crush.

11. Quietly and angrily stalk your ex you hadn't yet gotten over

12. Quietly tap current

13. Engage in Illuminati cult meetings

Wait. I'm not there ooooo. The God the Dean of Students Affairs will soon catch up to you unless you stop and give your life to Christ.