Why Nathaniel Bassey's Halleluyah Challenge is The Greatest Thing Happening on Nigeria's Instagram

1. I know you'll have a lot of questions.

First, you might be thinking; who is this Nathaniel Bassey? What is this Halleluyah Challenge sef? And finally, what is my own business with whole something?

2. So let's get explaining, shall we?


3. So Nathaniel Bassey organised The Hallelujah Challenge: A 30 day praise challenge from 12:00 midnight to 1:00 am for every day in the month of June.

4. Nathaniel Bassey is a Nigerian gospel artiste whose songs you've probably heard sung in Church on Sundays.

Or playing in your local CD store or motor park. There's the famous "Book of Life" song (Is your name in this Book of Liiiiife?) and the more recent "Onise Iyanu" (Oniiiiiiise Iyaaaanu)

5. But here's the kicker - and this is perhaps the most amazing part - it all happens on Instagram!

Ikr! So here are a couple of reasons why all of this is pretty amazing:

6. The Halleluyah Challenge combines two of the most important things to the average Nigerian: Religion and Social Media.

And y'all know Nigerians loooove their social media.

7. The Challenge has grown from a little over 4,000 online worshipers to over 50,000 in less than two weeks!

I know, the thing is surprising us too.

8. This challenge has basically morphed into a movement; with "Olowogbogboro" worshipers left, right and centre.

***Olowogbogboro means - "The Broad and Mighty hand of God". Beautiful, just beautiful.

9. Everyone is tuning in...and I mean EVERYONE.

10. From D'Banj...

11. Nigerians are not even minding the data costs...

It's a WAWU!

12. Testimonies full ground repete!

I mean, y'all have to some of these testimonies!

13. Don Jazzy

14. If you haven't joined the Halleluyah Challenge what are you still waiting for?

Follow him on Instagram @nathanielblow and grab your own miracle now!

15. Y'all will agree Nathaniel Bassey has done something pretty spectacular.

16. Marketers might want to sit down and take some notes.