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Interestingly, so many after a relationship still ask themselves this question. They become unsure if what they opted out of had any glimmer of love in it. Most come to the conclusion (after a heartbreak) that the 'thing' called love is all but a fantasy. Making their resolve known that there is nothing called LOVE.

Well, for me, I think we most times search for things in the wrong places. I'm not trying to throw-off anyone going through a heartbreak, but we sometimes mix up the actual appearance of love. Love is not just a feeling, it is beyond the mere aura of warmth and security you get from a person. It's not just a caring characteristic but a personality devoted to embracing another's faults even when they seem unmistakably appalling.

Don't get things twisted, love is the ability of overlooking the fallouts in a person but also the ability of amending, thus making perfections out of imperfections. Love is attractive even to the unattractive.

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They say time is the greatest judge of anything, "Time will Tell."
Are you searching for love? Sometimes you don't have to go the 360. What you desire may be just between your eyes! So yes! For me, love does exists! It will one day find you if it lies within you!


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