Someone Compared This Hilarious Workout Video To Life In Nigeria And It Is Actually Accurate

1. If we're being honest, life in Nigeria is as stressful as it is exciting.

2. One day you're eating Jollof rice and twerking away at an Owambe.

3. The next, you're praying and fasting for NEPA to dash you at least 5 hours of electricity.

4. How Nigerians with their dancing politicians watch other countries make life-changing advancements in technology:

5. Which is why this tweet comparing the people in this video to countries in the world is just hilariously accurate.

6. The Asian guy was just eating and enjoying his life on the treadmill while others made efforts at working out.

7. Nigeria, when you ask her to make overall progress for her citizens.

8. But Nigerians can relate to this entire video sha.

9. We don't kuku like stress sha.

10. And the Asian guy is just the level of unbothered we're all trying to unlock TBH.