Ten Things Every Fresher Should Know By the Time They Graduate

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1. A Fresher should know what he/she really wants before they graduate: Know your purpose and your goal. If you don’t have a goal, set for yourself. When you know what you want you will be able to work toward it.

2. A Fresher must know how to get what he/she really wants: Now that you know what your goal is, pursuing it is so much important. Know the best way to achieve it

3. A Fresher must know and understand time management skills before graduating: Time management is very essential for any man on earth, “time is money” so they say but I’ll say time is life. You must know how to multitask with a particular time range. This will help to get things done fast and it will give an edge over other graduates.

4. You must be able to recognize opportunity when it comes: Opportunity comes every time, but this depends on your ability to recognize them. You must study every happening so as to be aware of events embedded with opportunity.

5. You must know how to be versatile and flexible in your activities: You must know and be good in many things. “Know one thing about many things and know many things about one thing”. This will make you useful when opportunity present itself; this will make you unique everywhere you go!

6. Know yourself: You should know yourself better than anyone; know your strength and your weakness, with this you will be able to conquer your weakness and focus more on your strength.

7. A Fresher should know how to sustain relationships: Good relationship will get you what money cannot offer you. You must know how to sustain relationship because you don’t know who will help you in achieving you goals.

8. Know and learn how to manage resources: Management is a responsibility, don’t fail in that aspect especially when it comes to money and some other resources.

9. You should know how to be dependable and independent: You must be a trustworthy person who can be relied on anytime and make sure you don’t rely on anyone for your success

10. You must know the world only want the best: The world doesn’t want a mediocrity so don’t be one. Try to be the best in your field.

Lawrence Damilola