Things That Happen Every Weekend To Most Nigerians

1. So it's Friday and you're ready for the weekend.

2. In fact, this is how you leave the office after slaving all week.

3. But Lagos traffic was out there waiting for you like.

4. That's how all your plans to turn up failed o.

5. How your mummy wakes you to come and clean on Saturday morning.

Because no sleep for the wicked.

6. After all the wahala, NEPA refuses to bring light, so now all your gadgets are dead.

7. And you're broker than a church rat, so you can't go out to chill.

8. And your mummy forces you to go to vigil on Saturday night, even if you'll go to Church tomorrow.

The devil never sleeps.

9. You, when your mummy wakes you up 8am for church/asalatu on Sunday morning.

10. When you get home on Sunday afternoon and realize Monday is only a few hours away.

What a wretched weekend!