TV Shows That'll Make You Scream "I Miss My Childhood!"

1. Tales By Moonlight

You can't not remember Tales By Moonlight. Half hour show where a man gathers a bunch of kids in a village under a tree and tells them stories and then the stories are acted out for the viewers? No? This will definitely remind you.

This was one show Nigerian parents let their kids stay up late to watch because moral lessons were supposedly given after each story. No doubt the show was great and I love what they were doing to instill good morals in Nigerian kids but it was also (and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way) freaking terrifying. The camera quality didn't help. Sure it was the early 90's and that was the best NTA could do at the time but it made the whole thing look like a low budget horror film. A lot of the stories involved talking animals and seeing as there was no CGI, they had humans in terribly shitty animal costumes act out the scenes which led to hilarious scenarios like lions and dogs walking around on 2 legs like the pigs at the end of Animal Farm. I often found myself wondering if the parents of those kids knew their kids were hanging out with a creepy old man in the forest. Was that just me?

2. Super Book

Plot: Young Christopher is cleaning his family's attic with the help of his friend, Joy, when a bible falls on the keyboard of a nearby computer and inexplicably opens a time portal to biblical times and sucks in the family dog, Ruffles. Christopher knows he'll be in serious trouble if his father finds out so he enlists the help of his younger cousin, Uri, and family robot, Gizmo, to go through the portal and retrieve Ruffles. In the process, Uri and Gizmo get to experience a lot of biblical events in real time. You won't even believe me if I told you how many keyboards I destroyed as a child trying to a open a portal like they did in the cartoon (It was 6). The insanely cool thing about this show was how Uri and Gizmo got to interact with biblical characters without messing up history. Now that I'm older tho, I have some questions. Like, how did the kids spend so much time in the attic and their parents never wondered what the hell was going on? Also, what time period was the show set in? Because Gizmo functioned like really advanced Artificial Intelligence and an old timey alarm clock at the same time (he needed to be wound up from time to time). Coolest show ever.

3. Magic School Bus

One thing we never acknowledged about Magic School Bus was how bat shit crazy the premise was. Sure it was fun riding around in a school bus that could somehow shrink, fly and do literally anything (like moving through the blood stream of a human) but did you ever think of how dangerous their adventures were? Ms. Frizzle (LOL forever at this name) frequently put people's children in great danger all in the name of educative field trips. Who remembers that time they went to Pluto (the freezing planet) and one of the kids removes his helmet (which makes his entire head turn to ice) and dies in front of all his classmates?! JESUS! The show was fun tho.

4. Super Ted

Ted is a stuffed bear who, at his creation in the factory, is deemed defective and thrown away. Spotty, an alien visiting from the planet Spot, finds Ted and brings him to life. Spotty then takes Ted to Mother Nature who gives Ted super powers. Whenever there's trouble, Ted becomes Super Ted and, along with Spotty, goes to save the day. I spent my entire childhood crying and begging my parents to buy me a super ted toy but they didn't. I later found out they didn't even know what a super ted was. Chai.

5. Groovy Goolies

First things first, the Groovy Goolies theme song is the greatest theme song in the history of theme songs. Feel free to fight me in the comments section if you disagree. The show was about a group of singing monsters who all lived in the same building. Some of the monsters on the show were Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, a werewolf, a vampire, a witch, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde and a bunch of others. Best thing about the show? The monsters got to sing a song at the end of each episode and it was lit!

6. Voltron: Defenders Of The Universe

About a group of pilots who control a super robot known as Voltron. Honestly, the concept of Voltron was too similar to that of Power Rangers and a lot of people thought the former was a fake version of the latter. That wasn't true tho. Volron actually came before Power Rangers.

7. Power Rangers

A show about 5 "teenagers with attitude" who are picked by an alien named Zordon to stop an evil alien witch named Rita Repulsa (LOL at this name) from destroying the earth. Fun show. Even funnier were the terrible villains, the terrible fight scenes, the terrible special effects and the fact that (if you really think about it) NOTHING on the show made sense. Some of you still watch it tho.