W.H.O Just Released The Scariest News About Gonorrhea

That's how today when someone was just there relaxing nerves, this headline popped up.

Someone now had to do mental throwback to remember the last time we did bad thing and beg God that never again and even if we slip up and do bad thing again, we will just do small.

According to World Health Organization: “Only a matter of time” before the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea is resistant to all current antibiotic treatments.

They further added that three cases of untreatable gonorrhea have already been documented in certain countries, and gonorrhea is already widely resistant to older, cheaper antibiotics.

They concluded with the fact that there are only three new antibiotics currently being developed in the world and there was no guarantee they would pass the testing phase. The bug according to them is a very smart bug that mutates in response to antibiotics.

Please, let's be safe out there guys.