We all have a mental picture of our ideal date and if asked we can list qualities we want them to possess off our fingertips. These qualities can be referred to as “deal makers”. But there are also “deal breakers” qualities that can disqualify a prospective.
My definition of deal breakers is very simple – they are red flags, little demons (lol) that raise their ugly heads when we meet someone new, or when we start to see someone we have always known in a new light when they start taking interest in us. Deal breakers differ based on our tastes, perspectives, opinions etc. I did a mini survey amongst few ladies I have access to and asked what their deal breakers was, the following are their responses:
1) Physical Appearance: It’s important to be attracted to our partners. Something should attract us physically. This ranges from height, to skin complexion, dress sense, physique.
2) Odour: It’s a major red flag as most girls said they couldn’t stand a man with a body/mouth odour or smelly feet. In the words of the ladies, “the smell of his perfume has to draw me in”. Cleanliness is key & it’s the new sexy (always has been).
3). Character: Character is everything it’s what’s keeps us in a place/position. It’s highly encompassing, as a good character portrays a lot of things such as integrity, maturity, responsibility, humility, loyalty and commitment, to mention a few. Everyone (I surely hope) desires to date someone with a good character.
4). Employment Status: It’s important he has legitimate means of livelihood or that he is not lazy and is willing to work legitimately to earn a living.
5). Accent: With our diversity in culture and languages in Nigeria, often times we find indigenous languages interfering too much with our spoken English which could be a source of turn-off. Yes, English isn’t our father’s language but it is much better to speak it fluently if you speak it at all.
6). Sexual Prowess: A man must know how to use his tool. Many ladies have got zero chill for someone who is awful & selfish in bed. He must possess horseman genes lol… that is what they said. LOL.
I believe there might be a slight difference if compared to deal breakers for men although all these points must surely matter to so Men if you have any additions or subtractions as the case may be, let us know. If you are reading this, what are your deal breakers? Do you think deal breakers could be worked around? Please share your thoughts & let’s have fun with this.