Kiltschko retires from professional boxing. Endorses Anthony Joshua as the next generation of boxing

Yesterday, Ukrainian boxing legend, Wladimir Klitschko announced his retirement after a 21-year career in the boxing ring after winning 64 of his 69 fights.

The 41-year-old made the announcement in a video where he confirmed his decision, 'I deliberately took a few weeks to make my decision, to make sure I had enough distance from the fight at Wembley Stadium. As an amateur and a professional boxer, I have achieved everything I dreamed of, and now I want to start my second career after sports'.

Now he has tweeted that his heart is at peace as he hands over to Nigerian born boxer, Anthony Joshua. 

In a tweet this afternoon, Klitschko says 'My HEART is at PEACE as I pass the torch to Anthony Joshua the next generation. Good luck little bro, I'm proud of you!'.
And Joshua responded, 'Respect champ we lit the scene up in April! Your welcome to give me any advice on how to keep this going for the next 10years'.