Struggles You'll Relate To If You Don't Watch Game Of Thrones

1. When the entire planet is having orgasms because a new season is about to start and you're just like:


2. You're sick and tired of hearing that winter has finally come.

It has do!

3. When the way people talk about the show gets you excited so you watch one episode expecting it to be action packed but it's just a bunch of emotionless British people giving incredibly dramatic speeches.

4. When people find out you don't watch the show, they're like:

But it's not by force na.

5. This is you when it's sunday and your entire social media timeline is all about the show.

Kill me now.

6. When your friends discuss everything that happens on the show with you even though they know DAMN WELL you don't watch it and the whole time you have to fake interest and be like:

Because you don't want to be a bad friend.

7. When your friends keep telling you about the show's events in a bid to get you to watch it.

"Dele, PLEASE leave me alone. I already agreed to start the show. You don't have to pitch it to me everytime a new episode comes out."

8. When yet another character dies on the show and everybody starts rioting but you're just like:

I mean, don't they kill characters off like literally every episode? Stop making noise abeg.

9. This is you laughing at your friends when they mistakenly see spoilers online and they haven't watched the episode yet.

Loooooooooooooool! Goodbye suspense! LMAO!

10. When someone makes a game of thrones reference/joke and you have to act like you understand.

Fake the biggest smile/laugh you can. Works everytime.

11. This is you every Monday at work/school when everybody is talking about the show.

*sings* ALL BY MYSELF!

12. When someone starts sharing their theories on who the rightful king of the seven kingdoms is but you have no idea what they're talking about so you just nod and pretend to listen.

"Yeah. Uh huh. Yeah."

13. This was you when you heard the current season only has one episode left.