Types Of Nigerians You'll Meet On Your Morning Ride To Work

1. The Sleeper

If they're not dozing and snoozing/snoring/drooling on your shoulder, they'll be doing it on another person's shoulder, trying to catch up on some zzz's before they get to work. If you've never seen these guys on your way to work, odds are it's cause you've been snoring too.

2. The Mother-with-her-children

Like Daenerys used to cart her dragon-children around when they were still little birds that could hang on her shoulder, these women are most times carrying two/three/four kids to school, and will most times make one or more passengers help to "lap" them too.

3. The School Children

Sometimes the school children are on their own and move in packs like little wolves, lapping themselves in stacks of two or three so they can pay less for the bus.

4. The Market Woman

Instead of children, you'll see her with a handful of very distraught chickens or a goat, or sometimes with a basket of anything from tomatoes, to pepper/onions, and most times, she'll make them share the seat with her too.

5. The "Morning After" People

You'll notice them by their slept in clothes, disheveled hair, and - for the women - smudged make up. They're most likely coming back from a night of "wink, wink" and are on their way home instead of to work like normal people.


6. The Preacher

He's trying to save your soul from eternal damnation very early in the day, because anything can go and happen in the remaining part of the day.