Different Faces Your Nigerian Girlfriend Makes And Their Meanings

1. The "I want to disturb your life today" face

She probably woke up before you and has plans of annoying you all morning.

2. The "Who are you texting?" face

You're about to answer 1001 questions. She probably knows who you're texting so brace up for the receipts if you're foolish enough to lie.

3. The "I'm bored and I want to pick a fight" face

Shit is about to go down.

4. The "I'm angry at you for no reason" face

The fight is already in motion and there's nothing you can do about it. You could've just bought her food to make her happy but no, you fell for the trick.

5. The "You were the one that made me angry" face.

She's not about to say sorry for starting a fight. Instead, she's crying and putting all the blame on you. It's all your fault sha, don't ask me why.

6. The "Is that why you're squeezing your mouth?" face.

As per, she's genuinely confused you're angry after she successfully started a meaningless fight. Like I said, it's your fault.

7. The "I cooked Jollof for you" face

YASS! The face when she does something great like buying you singlet and boxers or at best, cooking your favourite meal.

8. The "Don't even think of touching me" face.

You're not getting any, bro!

9. The "I'm going to pick out of your food" face

When she looks like this, she's about to eat all her food and help in eating yours. Don't be angry, being a girlfriend requires a lot of eating.

10. The "you know you fucked up" look.

This is the face you should be afraid of. She's not shouting and will probably tell you "I'm​ fine" but she has stabbed you many times in her head. Just kneel and beg for forgiveness.

11. The "I love you, Ode" face.

This one is the best sha.