Easily Passive Aggressive Ways To Deal With Horrible Neighbours

I am bringing you these 5 easy ways you can deal with those annoying, horrible neighbours that your village people sent to torment your life and bring you grey hair before your time:

1. Your neighbour is doing like hard guy and refuses to pay NEPA bill?

SOLUTION: Pour salt inside his generator and wait for the thing to knock.

2. Your neighbour likes to form Fast and Furious and parks his car anyhow?

SOLUTION: Pee on the car door every morning and say it was a dog that did it.

3. Your neighbour is a lazy ass that leaves dirty plates for months in your shared kitchen?

SOLUTION: Throw that shit away and act like you don't know what happened to it.

4. Your neighbour washes clothes and spreads everything on the line to wet your already dry ones?

SOLUTION: Use style to cut the line so all their wet clothes falls on the ground.

Since they don't want you to have dry clothes, they don't get to have clean clothes too.

5. Your neighbour's stupid goat is always scattering your refuse all over your front door?

SOLUTION: Just pour sniper inside the bin and wait for the animal to eat and die. Shikena!

6. Your neighbour likes to feel like a sharp guy and keeps steal the water you fetched to have his bath?

SOLUTION: Just put werepe in that shit and wait for the gods to take over from there.