The Federal Government of Nigeria has uncovered plans to turn the tribal home of afrobeat legend and dissident Fela Anikulapo-Kuti into an exhibition hall.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said this while going to the performer's hereditary home in Ogun State, alongside Governor Ibikunle Amosun, Punch reports.

Mohammed said Fela will be immortalized by turning the house situated on NEPA Road, Isabo, Abeokuta, into a historical center.

The historical center will be introduced "soon, most likely one year from now," he stated, depicting the arrangement as commendable and outstanding. He stated:

It is commendable as in this is a standout amongst the best strides to really put our talking points without hesitation.

We have dependably said that one of the vital resources we have is our social legacy, our history and this venture, which will deify the Ransome-Kuti family, is excellent and praiseworthy.

The family, as you probably are aware, speak to various things to various individuals, regardless of whether you discuss instruction, liberation, music or excitement.

Along these lines, this endeavor by the legislature at deifying the family by saving and reestablishing the hereditary home is praiseworthy.

This is the period we are commending the twentieth commemoration of the passing of the maestro himself and I am certain this is inside time, as the exhibition hall will be initiated soon, likely one year from now.

The accentuation of this administration, regardless of whether state or government, is that the innovative business must be transformed into inventive economy and this middle will be a decent model to support and move the adolescent.

Amosun depicted Fela as somebody who was relatively revolutionary.

The Kuti family vanquished the world, he stated, not simply Ogun State or Nigeria. He stated:

Every one of our symbols have an extraordinary place in our organization. These are the general population who characterize us, when we go out there and say we are from Ogun State. We can't call ourselves who we say we are without those monsters who lived before us. They established the framework that we are on the whole expanding upon.

Furthermore, unmistakably, the Kuti family is one of those celebrated families that vanquished the world, not just Ogun Sate or Abeokuta or Nigeria . In reality, on occasion when I am away in the US and I take a taxicab, the music I hear is that of incredible Fela himself.

Fela was a long ways relatively revolutionary. For us, it will be to our greatest advantage to tell individuals his starting point, his root.